Do You Travel Abroad?

What would happen if the unexpected happened while you, or your loved one, was travelling abroad? You could encounter a lot of hardship and expenses in trying to bring your loved one back to Brooklyn, New York. 

If you travel more than 100 miles outside of the city, state, or out of the country, you should consider adding our Out of Area Protection to your funeral plan. Out of Area Protection spares your family from the logistical stress and added expenses of bringing you home if you pass away abroad. Protect your family from filling out extensive paperwork, coordinating with foreign governments, and the stress and confusion that comes with planning your return home. 

When you purchase out of area protection, we take care of everything for you - without any additional costs on your family later. Contact our Funeral Director to add Out of Area Protection to your current pre-plan or to start making your pre-arrangements today.

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