Why Should You Pre-Plan Your Funeral In Advance

Pre-Planning is taking the time to think, consider, and record your end-of-life decisions. It can be viewed as a thoughtful gesture to your loved ones and is also great at removing anxieties about the future. After you have completed your funeral planning, you can relax, knowing that everything is taken care of and with the funeral home you trust and family that will help carry out your final wishes.

What Does Funeral Pre-Planning Do For Me and My Family

For you, you will have peace-of-mind knowing that your final wishes are recorded and known, with your Executor and immediate family, so that when the time comes.

  • It’s easy to do, and only requires an appointment with a Funeral Director
  • No health questionnaire or physical exam required
  • The Pre-Plan is put on file securely in our office
  • Let’s your family clearly understand what your Final Wishes are

  • Relieves your immediate family members from having to make all of the decisions during a difficult and emotional time.

  • While you are pre-planning with Blair Mazzarella Funeral Home, should you move away to a different city or province, your final wishes can be transferred to any funeral home, or cremation provider, at no additional cost to you.

  • Can protect your family from inflation costs. Through an optional pre-payment plan, you can have your Funeral Service costs, and Merchandise provided by the funeral home locked in from the time of your pre-plan. Ask our Funeral Director for more details.

Does Pre-Planning Require Pre-Payment?

The simple answer is no. Your funeral plans require no deposit or money-down when you sit down with our Funeral Director. This will leave the payment until the time of your passing for your family to take care of.

However, many people consider pre-funding their final wishes. We can set this up, through a national trusted insurance company that we have chosen to work with. Your money will accrue interest over time. When it comes time to cash in the pre-funding, your family will receive any additional funds back that weren’t needed to cover the funeral plans. It is a law in New York, that all additional interest has to be returned to the Next of Kin.

Are You Ready to Make Your Funeral Arrangements?

Come in and visit our Licensed Funeral Director to talk about Funeral Pre-Planning and Pre-Funding your final arrangements. It will be a caring and thoughtful gift to your family and Next of Kin.

Learn more about Pre-Planning Your Funeral & Cremation Services:

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