Cremation Pricing Explained

Cremation is usually viewed as the most affordable choice for funeral services, but many people are unaware of the costs associated with cremation. As we explained in Understanding Your Cremation Options, there are many choices when it comes to Cremation Services and Cremation Pricing. We can offer a simple low cost cremation service, or an elaborate visitation and memorial service along with cremation.

Cremation pricing can range from $1,395.00 & Up.

Affordable Cremation Options

When cremation is chosen as the final disposition method, it’s usually deemed it will be less expensive than a traditional funeral service, mainly because the amount of services that are purchased and the casket that is chosen is more minimal in comparison to those normally chosen with a burial. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. A Cremation Service can have a full Visitation and then cremation can take place along with a memorial service or Celebration of Life, which can occur immediately or at a later date that is convenient for the family.

So, whether you are looking for a Basic, Direct Cremation or you wish to have a Visitation and  Memorial Service/Celebration for your friends and family, we can certainly help you design the final farewell you have in mind.

What is Needed for a Cremation?

Some believe that a cremation is a much simpler choice than a burial service because you need to purchase less products and services, and this can be true, especially if you are looking for direct cremation or basic cremation services. Let’s take a look at what generally needs to be purchased for a Cremation to take place:

Funeral Home Services

The Funeral Home, or Cremation Provider you chose to carry out the service will have a fee for their services which will include:

  • Their staff time and vehicle costs
  • Transfer to Funeral Home/Housing Facilities
  • Transfer to Crematory
  • Crematory Fee 
  • Registration of Death Fee

Cremation Container/Casket

One of your choices for a cremation service will be the Cremation Container/Casket. You can choose a more traditional wooden casket if you are having any Visitation Services before the Cremation takes place, or simply a Cremation Container (Particle Board or Cardboard) if you choose direct cremation.

You can also choose a Rental Casket, which saves you from purchasing a traditional looking wooden casket that will be used during the cremation process. Instead we will use a Particle Board insert that will be used for the cremation process.

Price Range: $300.00 to $6,000.00

Cremation Urn

A cremation urn is what is used to hold the cremated remains after a cremation takes place. Most crematoriums will return the cremated remains in a black plastic container that is included in the price of the cremation. However, you can choose to upgrade your Cremation Urn selection based on what you want to do with the cremated remains. Maybe you are going to bury them, place them in a Niche, or put them in a special spot in your family home. We have a wide range of options available and can ensure you get the type of Urn you desire.

Price Range: $125.00 to $1,250.00

For many people, Cremation will be a low cost alternative to a traditional burial service, but for some people who wish to have a Visitation and a Memorial Service, Cremation can be similar in cost to a Traditional Burial Service. 

We welcome you to come talk with our Funeral Directors to explore our Cremation Plans and decide what is best for you.