Tips For Making It Through The Holiday Season When You Feel Depressed

By: James Donofrio
Monday, December 19, 2022

Anyone can feel stress and other negative emotions during the holidays, but those who already suffer from depression may find this period of the year, particularly trying. During this time of year, many people focus on the importance of their loved ones and the bonds they share with others.

Getting Through The Holiday Season

Depression can manifest due to the presence of problems in various areas of our lives.

The professionals at Blair Mazzarella Funeral Home are optimistic and say that there are ways to improve your mood. A few of them are mentioned below:

Recognize And Treat Your Symptoms Early On

If you suffer from depression, the above descriptions are probably painfully familiar to you. If you experience any of these signs, do your best to determine what may have caused them. If the holidays bring on symptoms of depression due to financial stress, it may help to create a budget for the holiday season in advance.

Build A Strong Network Of People Around You

Similarly, the holidays are a great time to spend with loved ones, which can help alleviate depression. Don't shut yourself away if you can help it. If you experience any of these symptoms over the holidays, having a close friend or family member nearby can help alleviate the distress.

Don't Overcomplicate Your Plans

Depressive feelings can sap your strength and make it difficult to focus. Also, it's notorious for making it hard to make any kind of decision at all. Don't overcomplicate the holidays by scheduling many events, some of which may require a lot of mental effort or strategic planning. Make manageable plans and accomplish what you can.

Practice Self-Compassion

The thought that "This is meant to be the festive time of year" may not help those with seasonal depression. Nonetheless, it's not always a good idea to expect yourself to be perpetually cheerful during the holiday season. Achieving your goals for the holidays is possible, but keeping your expectations in check is crucial so you don't get down on yourself.

Get Some Exercise

Taking care of your body by exercising regularly has many health benefits, but did you know it can also help alleviate symptoms of depression? It's time to get up and start moving around. If you want to get more steps in while shopping for the holidays, go to the mall instead of shopping online. Rather than using your snow blower, grab the shovel and clear the snow from your driveway. Join your pals for a stroll around the neighborhood and a round of caroling. Despite how small these tasks may seem, it all adds up.

Contact the Blair Mazzarella Funeral Home team for more information about our funeral services, including pre-planning assistance or advice on how to get through the holiday season when you're feeling down.

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