What Are the Different Types of Cremation Containers?

By: James Donofrio
Monday, October 17, 2022

Several different types of cremation containers can be used throughout the cremation process and are frequently confused. They're all highly individual decisions that shouldn't be made lightly. This guide to the devices from Blair Mazzarella Funeral Home is meant to help you make decisions. However, feel free to contact us with any inquiries at any time.

Types Of Cremation Containers

Cremation container/Alternative container/ Cremation casket: These terms allude to the casket or cremation urn used to transport the body to the cremation chamber. For the operator of the crematory's safety and to make it simple to store, lift, and move the body, it must be enclosed in a hard, combustible container. It must also be a barrier that keeps bodily fluids within. Just imagine how dangerous and terrible life would be without them.

The terms "cremation container" and "alternative container" are interchangeable and refer to a less expensive container specifically made to be used during the cremation process. The "minimum alternative container" is precisely what it says it is from a legal perspective. The FTC Funeral Rule, a set of federal regulations, mandates that it be provided. Similarly to how a burial casket is used to present the deceased during viewing or visitation, a cremation casket serves the same purpose.

Temporary Cremation Containers

The urn and the temporary container serve the same purpose: to hold the cremated remains. It's called the "ashes box." Permanent containers are typically made of metal, while plastic containers with plastic bags inside are commonly used as temporary storage. Generally, a "permanent" urn is made of metal, stone, or wood. These are used to keep remains in a permanent location, such as a home, a columbarium, or a grave.

Cost-Effective Cremation Containers

The body is burned in a receptacle designated for that purpose. There are numerous possibilities, some of which are also highly economical. For instance, some funeral companies include a primary cremation container in their cremation pricing so that you can choose that option. It complies with the legislation and is composed of sturdy, reinforced cardboard. Although it is inappropriate for the viewing, it serves its job as a low-cost cremation container.


Take everything you wish to do into account when you construct your plans. The choice of a cremation casket or renting a casket is a given if you plan on holding a wake.

For any details about cremation containers and our funeral services or assistance with preplanning a funeral, contact Blair Mazzarella Funeral Home via the email address or number mentioned on this page.

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