How Can I Explain The Concept Of Death To My Children?

By: James Donofrio
Thursday, March 31, 2022

It's not simple to explain serious subjects to kids, and many parents wish to avoid it. Unfortunately, death is an inevitable aspect of life, and everyone must confront it somehow at some point. At Blair Mazzarella Funeral Home, we have recommendations to help you handle this conversation and ensure that youngsters understand it correctly.

1. Avoid Using Imprecise Terminology

Adults frequently employ ambiguous terminology and metaphors to describe death, which serves no purpose. Rather than saying, “Your grandfather is going to sleep forever,” or “Aunt Melissa has gone to paradise,” spend, time explaining what death is and assuring them of its permanence. Children have an incredible capacity for comprehending even the most complex topics without much trouble. Most parents underestimate their kids' ability to do so. Even pre-school children can understand what death entails at times, so avoid ambiguity when discussing it with them.

2. Isolate The Conversation

When there is no emotional connection, it is easier to explain death. You can define the concept if a celebrity dies or a story's hero disappears. Kids do not have much of an emotional connection to these people and therefore, they are better equipped to deal with the topic. They will grasp and accept the death of a family member if they are already familiar with that concept.

3. Maintain An Open Line Of Communication

Most kids are curious, and they will ask several questions about death. Be patient and provide the best possible answers to those queries. It guarantees that your children feel comfortable with the subject and can better understand it. Additionally, it helps youngsters deal with death in a more mentally stable manner.

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